Derived from the nectar of flowers, honey has a distinctive natural floral flavour which leads some people to prefer it over sugar and other sweeteners. Made with real honey with no added sweeteners, MONIN Honey adds the best of honey to all your beverages. Yet unlike regular honey, MONIN Honey is specially formulated to dissolve instantly in hot and even in chilled beverages, for incredible versatility. Just pour and stir! Colour Transparent, slightly cloudy. Tasting notes Floral honey smell, sweet and smooth taste of honey candies; gives a more complex sweet taste to your drinks. Beverage Innovation Directors tips MONIN Honey syrup brings the essence of the natural honey taste to any tea or coffee application. Applications Cocktails Coffees Teas Flavoured milks Smoothies Can be used instead of MONIN Pure Cane Sugar or MONIN Gum syrup