Antica Classic Sambuca

  • Product Code ANTI01

  • Pack Size 70cl

  • ABV 38.00%

  • Country Italy

  • Format Bottle

  • Brand Owner Hi Spirits

Product description

Antica Sambuca is an iconic brand, a product of exceptional character, developed and custom-made by Rossi D'Asiago in the Valley between Dolomites Mountains and Venice.REDEFINING AN OLD CATEGORY AND MAKING IT COOL AGAIN: this was the mission of the company when the brand was relaunched in the market in 2004, becoming less than 10 years after a brand leader in the category. Antica Sambuca is a sweet and natural spirit obtained from the distillation of the infusion of anise star fruits and other herbs in alcohol. The high quality of Antica Sambuca is determined by the combination of outstanding ingredients and production techniques that follow meticulous artisanal processes. Its main ingredients are: stars anise fruits and mixture of herbs and spices, alcohol, water and sugar. The key ingredient is the anise stars fruits, whose seeds are rich in anethole oil, extracted through a process of steam distillation to give sambuca its distinctive flavour. Many other spices are used to get the anise distillate such as wormwood, cinnamon, fennel, white pepper, iris, bitter orange, sweet orange, coriander and Turkish rose.
The alcohol plays a key role. It is a colourless, flavourless distillate made from fermented natural sugars. The alcohol used in Antica Sambuca is obtained from the distillation of sugar beet molasses. No less important is the water, which not only allows the spirit's alcohol content to be adjusted, but in a solution with alcohol, it also extracts the aromatic substances from the infusions of herbs and spices. To make Antica Sambuca it's used demineralized water. The third ingredient is sugar, which, like the alcohol, is extracted from sugar beet. Antica Sambuca contains high-quality sucrose, much refined, with a very white colour . This gives a sugar-water solution, which leads to a colourless, crystalline final product, an essential element for a high-quality spirit.
With a modern and eye-catching packaging it really stands out from the crowd and it projects itself among the high end spirits brands. It's a truly versatile product, equally at home in shot, premium cocktails, or as a mixed drinks.

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