Orval NRB

  • Product Code ORVA01

  • Pack Size 12 x 330ml

  • ABV 6.20%

  • Country Belgium

  • Format Bottle

  • Brand Owner Orval

Product description

Located within the confines of the Abbey, the Orval Brewery was created in 1931 to finance the enormous reconstruction works of Orval. It has hired lay workers from the outset, including the master brewer, Pappenheimer, who invented the recipe. The brewer's commercial policy is adapted to the values of the monastic community. Income from Royalties generated from the brand name go to social welfare works and the maintenance of the buildings. The RAW MATERIALS for Orval beer are spring water, two-row malting spring barley, aromatic hops and liquid candy sugar. BREWING After grinding and what is known as infusion brewing and filtering, the wort is sent to the wort boiler where it is boiled for one and a half hours; it is then that the hops are added. The wort is then cooled. FERMENTATION Specific Orval top fermentation yeasts are microscopic fungi that turn sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The first fermentation in conical-cylindrical tanks takes four to five days at a temperature of 15 to 23oC. STORAGE A second strain of yeast is added to continue the fermentation. Bags containing hop cones are macerated in the beer for two to three weeks to improve the aromas of the beer a process known as dry hopping.

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