Magners Irish Cider is a premium, traditional brand of Irish cider. We take a blend of seventeen varieties of fresh apples to create the unique taste of Magners Irish Cider. Patiently matured in vats close to the orchards of the Tipperary countryside, Magners Irish Cider has a crisp, refreshing flavour and a natural authentic character. How To Serve Magners Magners is best served with copious amounts of ice. The best way to serve it is to half-fill a standard pint glass with ice, pour a well-chilled pint bottle of Magners cider into the glass, fill to the top and enjoy! Production Traditional cider-making is very similar to wine production. Magners Irish Cider is produced using traditional ingredients and, as importantly, a process that replicates the traditional cider-making process. The apples chosen for making cider are a blend of cider, dessert and culinary apples. Cider requires not just the sweetness and acidity found in dessert and culinary apples but also the bitterness of tannin of cider apples to balance the flavour and help to preserve it. A total of 17 varieties of apples are grown in the companys orchards in Clonmel to make Magners. They are Michelin, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Bulmer's Norman, Tremlett's Bitter, Breakwell Seedling, Taylor's, Harry Master's Jersey, Medaille d'Or, Reine des Pommes, Ashton Bitter, Bramley's, Grenadier, Brown Thorn, Brown Snout, Vilberies and Improved Dove.

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4.50% 1