Coco Re'al is probably the most versatile coconut purée. Not only is it essential when making a Piña Colada, it's great in any coconut cocktail or dish that requires a natural coconut flavour to bring that tropical taste to your dining and drinking experience.' - Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador, Founder, RumFest, Described as "The bartender's new best friend", Coco Re'al contains real coconut meat as well as coconut milk and gives a fresh, intense coconut flavour and texture to any cocktail. It is also a great addition to non-alcoholic drinks. In the kitchen, chefs have used Coco Re'al in dishes including: rice and curry, baking sweet breads, buns, biscuits and cheesecakes, ice cream, desserts, sorbets and even as a marinade for white meats and fish - especially on a BBQ!